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Leisure Areas

Leisure Areas

The farm has several terraces where small fruits are cultivated (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and gooseberries), the vineyard, as well as the orchards of various fruit trees. The guest can find beautiful corners between the terraces, where he can relax enjoy reading a book or simply relax in the shade of a small oak or a chestnut tree.

There is, also, a vegetable garden where he can find various types of vegetables depending on the season. The guest can, if he so desires, collaborate in all activities that are likely to be necessary to maintain this whole agricultural area.
At the farm he can enjoy a vast lawn garden where the outdoor swimming pool is installed with 11 meters long by 5 wide, being the maximum depth of 1.70 m and the minimum 1.10 m.
There is also a garden where you can find many kinds of vegetables depending on the season in question. You may , if you wish, collaborate in all activities that will show necessary for the maintenance of all this agricultural area.

The Farm offers bicycles for guests to cycle the region outside the farm.

There is a social lounge with billiards table, table card games with a reversible tray for chess / checkers and darts. If you prefer playing outdoors, you can choose the traditional portuguese game of quiots.
Leisure Area Quinta de Casais
Swimming pool
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