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The Farm

Quinta de Casais is a tourism development in a rural area, classified as Agritourism, it is located in the parish of Goães, Municipality of Vila Verde, District of Braga, appearing in an area of about three hectares offering breathtaking and relaxing views over the Neiva valley.

Quinta de Casais

It is situated in a pleasant and deeply rural location, but excellently positioned in regard to major road links. 

Parent home

Former farmers rural house dating from 1827, it was fully recovered in order to maintain the characteristics of that time.


There are three type T2 bungalows.

Swimming pool

On the farm you can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool 11 meters long by 5 wide, the maximum depth being of 1.70 m and the minimum 1.10 m.

Leisure Areas

The farm has several terraces where small fruits are cultivated (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and gooseberries), the vineyard, as well as the orchards of various fruit trees.

Outside the farm 

Walking or cycling can take you outside the farm and go looking for the architectural, archaeological, religious and natural heritage of this locality.

The Region 

Goães is one of the 58 parishes that make up the Municipality of Vila Verde, famous for its sweetheart handkerchiefs and the brand Dating Portugal.