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Outside the farm 

Outside the farm 

Walking or cycling can take you outside the farm and go looking for the architectural, archaeological, religious and natural heritage of this locality.

At any time you can find wild horses criss crossing the area ( the typical garranos ), as well as pilgrims (walkers) on the way toward Santiago de Compostela. 

The Medieval Bridge of Goães, over the river Neiva, also known as the Old Bridge or Ponte Pedrinha, is one of the examples of public civil architecture of Vila Verde of inestimable value. Its construction dates back to the Middle Ages.
Despite being a medieval building, it was for many years considered the work of the Romans. In fact, in its extreme north there are still traces of this period, which indicates to us that the current medieval bridge has been erected over the preceding one.

There are many wayside crosses, as well as the crosses of the Via Sacra which begin at the Church of Goães and end near the Chapel of Sr. do Bonfim, which borders a few meters from the farm.

This chapel was formerly the place for the festivals of Ribeira.

Today, the feast of the Lord of Bonfim continues to be the largest religious festival in this parish, which is held on the first Sunday of September with mass and procession, music bands and lots of entertainment. The feast of the patron Saint Peter's, will be held on Sunday after the 29th day of June. In addition to these two feasts, it is the feast of the Lord on the day of Corpus Christi and the feast in honor of Our Lady of Conception that takes place on 8 December.
Near the Quinta de Casais and in its surroundings, in addition to this vast heritage to admire, it can also occupy their free time with the holding of various activities which meet the most diverse tastes, such as:
- Canoeing in Prado and Ponte de Lima
- Karting in Palmeira, Braga
- Horse riding at Laje and Pico de Regalados, Vila Verde


- Bowling in Vila Verde


- Golf at the entrance of Ponte de Lima
- Walking routes
- Routes of ponds and viewpoints